Representative Democracy is a voice for the congressional community and allies who acknowledge the lack of equity in our national debates and in the Congressional workplace. We serve hiring managers and congressional interns and staff at all levels. We see your stress and the toll of continued workplace demands even as threats continue around you and in surrounding Capitol Hill neighborhoods. For staffers of color, we know workplace danger is more pronounced within the halls of Congress after you witnessed implied or direct support for the insurrectionists and their cause among Members of Congress. The isolation of being “one of a few” is a heavier burden post January 6. As you begin the healing process, know that we understand the impact of exclusion and the lack of representation. You should not have to explain why or how your ethnicity, race or religion creates a distinct trauma and ongoing vulnerability to repeated attacks or adverse actions in their congressional workplaces.


On this platform, we are offering a safe space to document your personal experience- either anonymously or signed. As part of continued education and awareness building, it is vital that people hear the narrative of January 6 through your eyes and in your voice.

Your experience matters. Your words matter. Together, we will rebuild an inclusive, representative democracy. ¡Mil gracias! for all you do.


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